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    • 云南省昆明市官渡区富康城办公大楼9楼
    全国批发代理热线: 400-6716-678


    • 公司宗旨:为国家、为社会、为客户、为员工、为股东

      Company tenet: Create value for nation, society, customers, employees and shareholders.

    • 公司使命:为人类为社会创造持久安全的环境

      Company mission: To create sustainable and safe environment for human society.

    • 公司愿景:成为全球建筑建材行业最有价值企业

      Company vision: To be the most valuable global enterprise in the construction materials industry.

    • 公司价值观:真、善、美

      Company values: Genuineness, excellence, elegance.

    • 公司信仰:天地与我们同在,好人有好报

      Company belief: Development keeps us company and one favorable turn deserves another.

    • 公司精神:事在人为,坚韧图成,永创新高

      Company spirit: Where there is a will, there is a way; strive for excellence, keep moving forward.

    • 公司指导思想:产业报国,服务利民

      Guiding ideology: Return for nation, service to people.